4th Caritas Annual Lecture



Caritas Jersey held its 4th Caritas Annual Lecture on Friday 21st June 2019. Among the guests were His Excellency Sir Stephen Dalton, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey and Lady Dalton and prof. Franis Davis from Birmingham University.


The venue was the Pomme D’Or Hotel at Liberation Square in St. Helier. A light buffet lunch was served from 12.30pm and proceedings started promptly at 12.55pm and be were completed by 2.00pm. 

At the beginning John Scally, welcomed all Guests and Attendees and invited the speakers to present their topics.


Caritas Jersey obtained the services of the Minister for Children and Housing, Senator Sam Mezec.

Sam is well known to Islanders. He is 28 years old and is Jersey born. He lived in London for 4 years while studying Law at the University of Westminster.

He was first elected to the States Assembly in March 2014 and remains its youngest member. He is also Chair of Reform Jersey, the only political party on the Island.

Sam is passionate about his subject and has some radical ideas for improving the housing situation, particularly for the poor and the vulnerable.

During the Lecture Sam was talking about the progress in housing sector that has been made within last two years and challenges that the new policies will encounter from Jersey landlords who rather focus on transactional nature of the housing than creating a community. Sam underlined that the new policy is being developed that would require from the Landlords to obtain a renting licence which will depend on achieving the minimum health and safety living standards of rented by them accommodation.   


We were equally delighted to have Canon Angus Ritchie as our second speaker.

He is less well known to Islanders but he is equally passionate about his subject. Canon Ritchie has a wealth of experience drawn from his ministry in the East End of London. 

Canon being the Director of the Centre for Theology and Community played a leading role in successful community organising campaigns for the Living Wage, affordable housing and a cap on interest rates. He has also helped to write two reports, ‘’From Houses to Homes’’ and ‘’Abide in Me’’, both on Catholic Social Teaching and the housing crisis. His latest book, ’’Inclusive Populism: Creating Citizens in the Global Age’’ will be published by the University of Notre Dame Press in September 2019. 

Angus explained that housing is more than bricks and mortar. The problem of housing is about more than financial value and the environment. There is an important human dimension to the housing problem that goes to the heart of the Common Good.  

sam-mezec-head-shot.jpg   angus-richie-head-shot.jpg


Each of our speakers spoke for 20 minutes. Then the speakers were joined by prof. Francis Davis who has great expertise in this area to form a panel. The panel members have drawn out one or two key elements from their speeches and the audience was asking questions on lack of regulations especially in renting sector, possibility of using community entrepreneurship in development of unused buildings and supporting growth of both local and minority communities.  



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