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Due to the worsening covid position and related restrictions our office will now be closed until further notice. However we will still be working as normal from home. Please do contact us at the following numbers/emails: PATRICK, mob: 07797 787218, email: . EDYTA, mob: 07829 854681, email:, Messenger: Edyta Buard. Zoom meetings if required can be booked when you contact us.

About us


Caritas Jersey reaches out to the poor, the marginalized, the weak and the infirm in our Community and seeks to be their advocate. We aspire to be a 'Church of the Poor for the Poor' We are here for all in our community no matter their age, race or religion.


We believe in dignity, solidarity and stewardship on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people.


Caritas Jersey was formed as a hub of the Catholic Social Action in Jersey reaching out to all sections of the community and touching all aspects of Islands life. Caritas jersey works in partnership with others to achieve justice for all, in all aspect of human life. 

Caitas Jersey seeks to promote and when necessary to co-ordinate the work of other Catholic organisations in Jersey. It has formed its own Think Thank on social issues and uses that group to inform itself on current issues and to develop policies and strategies for dealing with those issues. Caritas Jersey has a particular concern for vunerable and particularly vunerable families. It is concern with Common Good and wants to work with the States of Jersey and with all agencies and churches to protect and ensure the Common Good. We would like to work with like-minded agencies to see the eradication of poverty in jersey and we wish to live in harmonious community free from radical hatred and bigotry. 

Caritas Jersey is part of the worldwide organisation which is the largest social action network of agencies in the world.  We are developing other European bodies, including in particular Caritas Portugal, Caritas Venezuela and Caritas Poland.


Download or view our annual reports and accounts.


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Donating is not the only way to support us. Volunteering, praying and spreading the word helps us too.    

If you want to volunteer contact us at



Please send donations to:                                  Account name: PRCDTR-CARITAS JERSEY            Account number: 29670668                                     Sort code: 30-80-27


If you want to spread the word contact      us at to receive        an information pack.








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