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Eradicate Poverty Campaign

CARITAS JERSEY is of the Catholic Church, but for the poor and the vulnerable. It reaches out  to all sections of the community, touching all aspects of Island life.

Caritas Jersey’s initial activities include:

 •        establishing and promoting a Think Tank on social issues in Jersey;                       •        campaigning for and promoting the ‘Living Wage’ in Jersey;                                                                         •        providing support to prisoners’ families and                                                                    •        providing support to vulnerable families, particularly migrant families with young children.

 In 2017, the Board of Caritas looked to revisit the ‘Eradication of Poverty’ campaign held from 1996 to 2006. In June 2017, the Caritas Annual lecture took as its theme, ‘The Eradication of Poverty in Jersey. Following that event, the Caritas Think Tank convened a series of round-table discussions, which considered particular themes, seen as having an evidenced relationship with the issue of poverty and disadvantage locally in Jersey. A number of guests with particular experience and/ or expertise in each area were invited to each discussion to share their views.


Eradication of Poverty in Jersey


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