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Due to the worsening covid position and related restrictions our office will now be closed until further notice. However we will still be working as normal from home. Please do contact us at the following numbers/emails: PATRICK, mob: 07797 787218, email: . EDYTA, mob: 07829 854681, email:, Messenger: Edyta Buard. Zoom meetings if required can be booked when you contact us.

Think Tank

The purpose od the Caritas Think Tank is to:
  • Respond onbehalfof the Board to requests for information, for consultation or for opinion.
  • Research issuesof interest to the Board so as to help members come to a view or a decision as to what, if anything, is to be done.
  • Analyse such strategic plans and policies produced by the States which may be of interest to Board members
  • Critically review the activities of the Board  and feed back tothe Board as a critical friend
The Caritas Think Thank comprises five Board members, includingthe Executive Director, and up to five individuals selected for their experience and expertise in the fields that the Think Thank and the Board consider to be relevant tothe work of Caritas Jersey. 
The Think Thank usually meets in the weeks before a Board meeting and their deliberations are reported to the Board via its Chairman, Jullian Radcliffe, who is also a Director of the Board.


                'A nation is formed by the willingness                                                           of each of us to share in the responsibility                                                      for upholding the common good'


                     Barbara Jordan