Caritas Social Action Scholarship

Caritas is passionate about social action. In particular, we want to engender in our young people the belief that they, trough their actions, can make a difference to the lives of the marginalised.

In an increasing secular and selfish world, we believe that it is important that young people are offered a moral and philosophical framework for taking social action.

While many of our states schools excel in encouranging their pupils to take action, not many have the time and trained staff to help young peple understand why they should take action.

The independent Christian/Catholic schools do have the trained staff and so we have entered into partnership with De La salle College and Beaulieu Convent School that allows Caritas to provide Social Action Scholarship to up to five students in each school.





Successful candidates, in their sixth form years, will be able to join these schools without paying a fee. They will also be exposed to the work of Caritas and meet senior figures from the charities and political words and visit ongoingprojects in and around London.

We hope that as a result of this initiative some of the students will opt to work in the charitable sector. This formation at Beaulieu and de La Salle and their contact with Caritas will give them a deeper understanding of the importance of social action.

 In order to qualify student must be:

1. Recommended by their current school.

2. Acceptable to the   school in terms of academic ability                                 and school record.

3. Willing to accept and conform to the rules and ethos of the                         scholarship school.

4. Desirous of an education in the Catholic Tradition.

5. Unable otherwise to afford to attend the scholarship schools of                 their interest in social action.

6. Have a track record in social or able to convince Caritas of their                interest in social action.

7. Willing to undertake a social action project during their sixth form           years.



To submit your resume contact Patrick Lynch



As part of the scholarship a one-off grant of up to £500 per pupil will be made by Caritas Jersey to cover the cost of books and materials. In addition, arrangements will be made for the pupils to spend two days in London to visit existing social action projects, to meet with members of Caritas Social Acion Network for Englad and Wales, to meet withthe C.E.O. of Caitas Westmister and other political and civil leaders. 

Scholarships awarded in 2018

The first Caritas Social Action Scholarship has been awarded in 2018. To find out more go to Caritas Jersey Blog.

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